Reality Fan Fiction

The big thing in wellness these days is to “be present.” I understand the benefits of that. You don’t want the world to pass you by and then look up and wonder what happened and if you don’t remember, did it matter? It’s also for the super anxious so we don’t spin into a vortex of what ifs and oh nos. Still, the present feels increasingly terrible these days. Every day contain new reminders of individual terribleness and group terribleness. I know. We’re technically safer than we have ever been and I wouldn’t want to have lived in any past times. It’s just that I thought this would feel more like the future times. We appeared to be on a trajectory of increasing comfort (for me anyways). I gained the ability to be married in all 50 states and so I thought not being fired for being in a same-sex relationship would be an obvious thing. Here we are though. I can stay in my liberal bubble and things will mostly be the same but it’s unsettling to travel and look at someone and just wonder if they’d fire you if they were your boss. Anyways, to cope I have doubled down on a genre of media we’ve discovered is actually fan fiction.

It started with the West Wing. I got into watching it after the show ended so it felt nice but not necessarily the alternative reality I’m looking for now. Now, I may be one of 3 people who continues to watch Madam Secretary and will be sad when it ends. A world where intelligence prevails and a key player cares about ethics? That’s luxury. Sure they thew in the hard compromise of sacrificing Afghan women for peace with the Taliban but even that had some strategy. My major gripe with the show is pretending that a third party candidacy is a viable thing (same gripe with Designated Survivor). Speaking of Designated Survivor, in that world there’s a pretty incompetent man who accidentally becomes President and thinks he knows best about everything. At least in that world, the aides appear competent!

I’ve recently discovered the Good Fight. I had to sign up for a whole new thing to watch it. I have to suffer through the same 4 commercials over and over again to keep myself in this world where Diane Lockhart is just as destroyed as I am about 2016. The late night news and grappling with just what the hell to do in these times? It’s delightful. One episode at a time, I watch pretend people with power make small moves to make their world have sense. My misery has found true company here and it’s hidden on CBS all access.

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