Pyramid of the Sun

I was sitting on the Pyramid of the Sun last week and I told Shay:

“I never imagined I’d get to do something like this.”

She replied: “yeah, we’re really lucky.”

This structure is located in Teotihuacan, an ancient city outside of Mexico City. It was built around 100 AD. Nearly 2000 years ago, people were walking around and building this incredible structure that I just climbed up. It’s a feeling of belonging I experience in certain places where I am suddenly connected to all who walked those steps before me. From the builders, to the Aztecs, Spaniards, Mexicans, and tourists to me. All of us on different timelines but together in the same place. I know you could say that about a lot of places. Every place really. I was lucky enough to feel it there. Lucky enough to have the means to be there. Lucky to have my best friend with me. I get stuck in my head a lot and forget that I exist outside of myself. I feel lonely in a crowd. On the pyramid though? I’m with all the people before and after me.

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